LISTENING TIME4U is the one to one listening service offered by Listen Well Scotland. At present this takes place in a variety of community settings across Scotland including schools, GP surgeries and Family Centres. With more and more organisations and groups identifying the need for listening to support and contribute to their work, Listening Time4U will hopefully become more widely available in the future.

Listening Time 4U offers a safe space where individuals have the opportunity and time to explore their concerns or worries in confidence with a trained Registered Listener. All our Registered Listeners are covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance.

During the listening time individuals will not be offered counselling or given advice. The listening, however, very often helps them clarify their thinking, find their own solutions and so better manage their situation.

A Listen Well Scotland co-ordinator is responsible for the reliable delivery of this service locally and ensures listeners are supported and fully supervised using Values Based Reflective Practice (VBRP®) as the model.

A Memorandum of Understanding is agreed between the organisation and Listen Well Scotland ensuring a professional and safe delivery of service both for those who use the service, the listeners and the organisations.

Listen Well Scotland is already making a difference in homes, schools, GP surgeries, and a variety of community settings. 

When we Listen Well others feel:               

  • understood
  • valued and respected, as human beings
  • able to express feelings honestly, without judgement
  • able to trust
  • able to find meaning, hope and purpose in life