Listening Training for Wellbeing

Listen Well Scotland is making a positive impact on health and wellbeing through its effective listening training which is unique, robust and safe.

Our experiential learning approach is designed to help people unlock their listening potential and provide them with the building blocks to use the skills appropriately in a wide range of situations.

An ability to Listen Well is a life skill which can be learned and developed by anyone at any age and is at the heart of effective communication. It’s about caring for and valuing the other person, giving them the space to say what they have to say without judgement.  It’s about showing empathy and supporting others in such a way that empowers them to find their own solutions, make decisions for themselves and so find hope and resilience.

Mental wellbeing is a challenge of our times

The Scottish Government’s Mental Health Strategy has identified that positive early intervention is a priority. Learning to LISTEN WELL is a very simple and cost – effective way of us all contributing to health and wellbeing by encouraging a greater listening culture within our families, schools, workplaces and communities.

We can all learn to listen well and make that positive impact on health and wellbeing – so let’s get listening!

Making a difference

So much more to listening than first thought” (Retired Orthopaedic Consultant)

This course should be made mandatory for all nurses” ( Nurse)

I thought I was a good listener until I came on this course” (Course participant)

“I have learnt to accept myself more and with this acceptance I will be a better listener. This is the best course I have ever attended. The content was very relevant” (Course participant)

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“Let’s Get Listening”

A wellbeing initiative

Course Programme

Our structured programme offers a range of courses. Listen Well Scotland will deliver these in any part of Scotland, subject to conditions. We will be delighted to discuss enquiries to ensure we meet the particular needs of any organisation. When a sufficient number of expressions of interest from individuals have been received Listen Well Scotland will endeavour to provide courses at accessible areas in Scotland.


Listen Well Scotland is passionate about the importance of skilled listening and the benefits that accrue from it in any walk of life. It recognises, however, that for both individuals and organisations costs and expectations of positive outcomes are involved. Listening training has been shown to deliver demonstrable benefits in academic studies and from the feedback Listen Well Scotland collects at every course. The very modest course fees represent excellent value for money and some courses also carry a Credit Rating from Edinburgh Napier University.


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