Quotes from course participants throughout Scotland

“So much more to listening than first thought”   (retired orthopaedic consultant)

“This course should be made mandatory for all nurses”  ( nurse)

“I thought I was a good listener until I came on this course” (course participant)

“I have learnt to accept myself more and with this acceptance I will be a better listener. This is the best course I have ever attended. The content was very relevant” (course participant)

“The gift of effective listening is timeless in a fast-changing world. This has huge appeal.” (course participant)

“Good listening is not about offering advice and solutions. In fact this can be counterproductive. I was impressed by how the complex and elusive issue of effective listening was tackled and made easy to understand” (GP)

Quotes from Recipients of Listening Time4U

“I deeply appreciate your compassion and skill as you’ve walked with me and helped me endure the difficult journey to this point. What you do is special, more special than perhaps you know. Thank you”.

“Listening Time4U has been like a lifeline to me. It has given me something vital that medication cannot, in that it has made me feel I am not alone. Having someone neutral whom I trust to talk to has helped me move from feeling so desperate I was suicidal, to a far more positive state of mind. I have been able to make important decisions about my life and found a new balance. I cannot overstate the value of this service – not only for me, but for the many others who wish there was someone they could talk to when their difficulties and worries threaten to overwhelm them. To be really listened to can make such a difference.” 

Listening in the family

Participating in Listen Well Scotland’s listening training programme has helped me develop as a person in particular as a mum. 

My story…..

We have three daughters one of whom has autism. This condition affects the way she relates to the world and those around her.

She is an extremely sensitive child i.e.  Some sounds, sights, tastes can affect her mood and behaviour. Sleeping difficulties, certain textures against her skin and inaccuracy of body movement, are issues which frustrate and can make her extremely self-conscious when in public, leading to her being misunderstood or, misunderstanding others.

Each night she needs to offload and walk through her day by talking, in order to make some sense of it all. At such times she is eloquent, honest and guileless. So both my husband and I endeavour to take these opportunities to actively hear what she is saying and try to understand what she actually means.

I have always wanted to develop and maintain a relationship with all my daughters and can honestly say that Listen well Scotland has reinforced lessons I’ve learnt along the way. (Often by my mistakes)

Really listen.
Give her my heart.
Try not to interrupt.
Don’t get in the way with my own chitter chat / opinions.
Don’t judge her.
Sometimes let go of my own upbringing, culture feelings (take risks) and just listen.
Be patient (even when busy or tired ourselves).
Really listen for her heart and her meaning.
Because of Listen Well I have grown closer to all of our children.

We have noticed that whenever she is listened to sensitively she visibly relaxes, becoming animated and often humorous, invariably finding answers to her own questions herself. Finally our daughter chooses to have these in-depth talks with us at night and most always settles down to sleep more easily.