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Listen Well Scotland provides courses on request from any organisation looking to train and develop their people, having recognised the importance of listening for effective communication and the wellbeing of both staff and those whom they serve.

To create an optimum learning experience for participants the maximum number for any course is 16 with a minimum of 8.

Some organisations wish to provide training “in house” and we are more than happy to do so if the required minimum number can be guaranteed.

If an organisation does not have the minimum number of participants, we would encourage you to consider making the course “open” for either individuals or organisations locally. Listen Well Scotland would then advertise the course on their website as an open course.

To request a course please complete the form or for further information contact Maureen Wilson Executive Co-ordinator on


Listen Well Scotland provides courses as part of their own recruitment and volunteering training programme. These courses will be “open” to individuals where spaces permit and will appear on the website as an “open” course.

We are also willing to provide training in selected areas in Scotland i.e. Edinburgh, Perth/Stirling, Glasgow, Inverness, when sufficient course interest has been identified.

It is important to note that the course fee in this case may be increased to cover the venue cost.

To request a course please complete the form

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