Our Team


At present we have a small team of Lead and Support Trainers able to deliver our programme of courses throughout Scotland. As our courses are interactive and experiential most are delivered by two trainers able to offer different styles of presentation and additional support and encouragement for participants when required. All our trainers have completed a robust year-long training programme to deliver consistent quality of training. Trainers are also committed to ongoing practice and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


As part of our vision to make one to one listening service –Listening Time4U- more widely available in different community settings volunteers are required to complete our recruitment and training programme including assessment which can take up to 12 months. Listen Well Scotland knows that the potential therapeutic benefit of listening is immense and so is committed to ensuring the integrity of the listening practice of our Registered Listeners. All Registered Listeners (not counsellors) with Listen Well Scotland receive regular supervision and are covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Listen Well Scotland has a robust annual volunteer recruitment and training programme for both trainers and listeners. We will also recruit and train listeners outwith the annual programme in response to a specific request for Listening Time4U or when volunteer application response makes this possible.

For further information on volunteering opportunities with Listen Well Scotland see under “Volunteering” 

Maureen Wilson – Director of Training and Listening Services

The Director of Training and Listening Services is responsible to the Board of Listen Well Scotland for its service delivery. Maureen Wilson, a native of Glasgow, has been in post since 2008. She has nearly 25 years’ experience as a trainer and supervisor and as listener working in primary care. Over the past 5 years she has been the Programme Manager for the credit-rated courses. Her background includes nearly 40 years’ experience as a Physiotherapist working in the NHS in Glasgow and Kent. She has also had 15 years’ experience as a non-stipendiary Minister in the United Reformed Church including her role as a voluntary chaplain at Raigmore Hospital Inverness working alongside staff and patients in the Macmillan Unit and Oncology.

Marie Ogilvie – Deputy to Director of Training and Listening Services

Introduced to Listening at the end of a clinical academic career in virology, Marie became a volunteer Trainer and Registered Listener with Listen Well Scotland. She is also an examiner for the credit-rated components of the certificated courses, and a supervisor of Registered Listeners. The role has also involved assisting with the development of Listening Time 4U in different community settings and the recruitment and training of new volunteers, particularly for listening in schools.  


The Board of Trustees has responsibility for the governance and strategic planning of Listen Well Scotland.  Having come to the end of their term, 3 of our trustees stepped down at our recent Annual Members’ Meeting. Listen Well Scotland is pleased to welcome Anne Attenburrow to the Board and looks forward to new members joining soon.

Our present Board of Trustees includes:

Anne Attenburrow  Chair

Anne was founder of Step by Step in Moray, a charity which supports families who feel isolated or vulnerable. The charity helps them to develop friendships, confidence and skills which will enhance their lives and enable them to give their children the best start in life.  Anne is a retired Auxiliary minister in the Church of Scotland, having been ordained 11 years ago. Prior to that she was a Consultant Paediatrician for 14 years in both Elgin and Ilford, Essex. She set up the Paediatric service in Elgin. Her medical career took her from the Midlands, to the North East of                                                       England, to Dundee and Glasgow in addition to Elgin and London.
                                                 Her other interests are travel, reading, gardening and craftwork. 

Iain Macritchie Vice Chair 

Iain brings 20 years of experience as a Healthcare Chaplain and 30 years in pastoral ministry (he is a Priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church).  Iain will contribute to LWS as a pastoral supervisor and educator, and by making links with projects in the NHS, such as VBRP (Values Based Reflective Practice) and Community Chaplaincy Listening. 


Jim Angus – Treasurer 

Jim spent 36 years with NHS Highland Finance Department in various roles but mainly as a Financial Services Manager. He was also 3 years with The British Legion Club in Inverness as Secretary/Treasurer and various small Charities in a finance role. He has an extensive knowledge of finance and administration procedures and regulations. He hopes his vast experience will be of help to the Board of Listen Well Scotland.

Marie Ogilvie

Marie’s particular governance role role on the Board of Trustees will be for Policies, Standards  and Procedures. She brings considerable experience to the Board from her role as Deputy to the Director of Training and Listening Services.

Administrator for Listen Well Scotland

Alison Richmond

As well as her passionate commitment to the value of quality listening, Alison brings to Listen Well Scotland more than 20 years’ experience of developing and delivering projects and services within local communities.  She also brings the administrative, organisational and communication skills essential to her role.


As part of our commitment to support our volunteer team and ensure maintenance of skills, regular opportunity for ongoing Development for Practice takes place in different areas across Scotland where Listen Well Scotland is active.

The purpose of this is to provide the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen local networks
  • Share and learn from examples of good practice
  • Provide mutual support when experiencing challenges
  • Benefit from further training through the Context of Listening Units and refresher sessions


We are a membership organisation. Anyone who has completed a certificated Listen Well Scotland course can request to become a Member of Listen Well Scotland. Members are entitled to vote at our Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) (our next meeting will be on 27th April 2019)

The current membership fee (2018) is £20 per annum. From 2019 the membership fee will be £30.


We warmly welcome those who wish to provide support for the work of Listen Well Scotland to become a Friend of Listen Well Scotland.