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 Listen Well Scotland offers two services

    Listening Training

Listening Time4U (LT4U)



 Our Listening Training Programme provides courses suitable for all ages in a wide range of contexts.

 Learning to listen well has a positive impact on mental resilience and wellbeing and everyone can learn.

 We are particularly committed to working with young people in schools training them in the skills of active listening to improve peer communication, address bullying and reduce the stigma around mental health.

We have successfully completed two pilots for 95 senior pupils through the Listen Well Award and 130 P6/7 pupils through the course now called Talking and Listening.

Listen Well Scotland was delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit the Listen Well Award Pilot at the Scottish Parliament with representatives from the participating schools talking to MSPs about their experience on the pilot and the importance of listening for mental resilience and wellbeing among young people. 

   The independent evaluation        of the pilot is below.

LWA Pilot Final Report

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Adult Courses

Listening Schools

 LISTENING TIME4U is our to one to one listening service. This   can take place in a variety of community settings across   Scotland including schools, colleges, GP surgeries and Family   Centres. 

 Listening Time 4U offers a safe space where individuals have   the opportunity and time to explore their concerns or worries   in confidence with a trained Registered Listener. 

 Listening very often helps them clarify their thinking, find their   own solutions and so better manage their own situation   building resilience.

 Listening well provides early intervention and often prevention.